A Review of a Great Resource : Microsite Masters

These days, people use blogs and webpages to set up online businesses and take in advertisements and make lots of money. In order to promote your website or online business, you need to first make it accessible to the users online worldwide. By making your site searchable on search engines results every time someone try to search it, you are now connected to the whole world online.

I first heard about this amazing web based tool on this website that is dedicated to giving advice about the best web hosting for small business.  It turns out, the guy who runs the site is a pretty sharp person and knows quite a bit about Internet Marketing.

My Review of Microsite Masters SERP Tracker

Making your site accessible requires a little technical work that only an SEO expert can do. Search engine optimization expert or a professional, through some techniques of incorporating elements of the website to the search engines or using some keywords or codes, connects your website to the search engine, where it can be readily searched and accessed by users.

These SEO experts apart of other important things, are responsible for managing the websites by using techniques to increase the page rankings and keeping track of latest updates that might require a new set of keywords or keyword to be updated.

Here’s a snap shot of how you can view SORTABLE rankings.

SEO Rankings

This screen shot shows various rankings for a campaign.

If you are an SEO service provider and looking for the best tools to help you make the best out of the webpage, Microsite Master is the ultimate program.

Microsite master is the ultimate toolkit, with very advanced features, to help you track the rankings of your websites or other websites figuring out which keyword has more ranking on the search engines results penal. This is the most important factor to look out to because higher ranking would attract more traffic and more traffic means increased revenue.

With the help of Microsite Master, you can determine campaign efficiency by tracking the rankings in multiple search engines. But that not all, it also offers guidelines to come up with new strategies, reduce costs and eliminate trial and error with its advanced management tools.

The keyword view feature helps you keep a track of rankings as per the keyword and also spot on the latest updates and keep a track of your competitor.

It allows you to follow the impacts of SERP on your link building, content creation, and etc. all in one single interface. Just like its scoreboard feature, that shows you all the important changes and updates keeping you up to date with what is happening and what you should pay attention to.

In short, Microsite master is one ultimate program that helps an SEO provider keep a closer eye on all the latest updates to help you manage your website better.

That’s my full Microsite Masters search engine ranking tracker review.  I hope you enjoyed it and get on board!

Ways to Make Money (Non SEO)

A large number of people search for ways to make money online on a daily basis, thanks to stringent economic times, low paying jobs and no jobs at all. Making money online is quite simple if you are searching in the right places. Moreover, if you are new to this domain, here are five ways of making money online to get you started. 

We already discussed that.  Let’s get into some other ways you can make money  where you don’t have to depend on Google rankings.


Making Money Online

Making Money online, what is better than that?

Online surveys are a good way of making money online but the payout is not that great. Online surveys don’t pay out much but they are easy to do and thus a good choice for starters. Online surveys pay you for filling surveys online and while the payout isn’t all that amazing, you can keep filling surveys and let cash accumulate.

Domain Name Flipping

Domain names are probably one of the most valuable real estate on the internet. There are certain people who make a lot of money by buying and selling domains. The best way to go about it is to use Google Adwords to find out about keywords that are popular and trending. You can use the results to buy domains that will be in demand soon. When it comes to domain names, you will notice that the shorter ones are taken up. However, you can always add your creative spin and buy random domain names that are similar to the original keyword.

Editing Audio

Good at using sound editing software? Make money by editing audio. There are plenty of options included in editing audio including cleaning webcasts and interviews prior to they make it to the web. You can find many audio editing opportunities on websites such as oDesk and eLance.

Transcribing Audio

Just as editing audio can help you earn money, transcribing audio can too. Transcribing audio involves writing transcripts for websites for those who are hearing impaired. What makes transcribing audio a legit and good way of making money online is that websites are gaining popularity and most web masters want their sites to be transcribed. You can find many transcribing jobs on websites such as eLance and oDesk. Moreover, even though transcribing audio is pretty low paid, it is still quite high in demand and can therefore help you make good cash overtime.

Contests Anyone?

Web contests happen quite frequently and you can participate in them to earn cash online. The downside of contests is that they don’t pay you unless you have won. That is the reason why you need to redirect your attention to free contests. Participating in free contests is a great way to do what you know best and earn money for doing it. The best way to go about this is to find a contest that is linked to your field of study. You can opt for photos, background design, photography, music and such. Next, work your best and submit the work in as many free contests as you can. Free contests have helped many people earn money by being creative.