SemRush – Better Than Microsite Masters?

SemRush is a powerful and top of the line SEO Tool available through its website. The tool is online only and doesn’t require you to install or download any additional software/tool. All it takes is to subscribe on one of their 3 packages and you are set to go.

Today, I’ll give you a SEMRush review.  You can decide if you like it better than this one I spoke about earlier.

You use the tool by accessing it online, allowing you to log in and use it from anywhere around the world. This is a great thing for people who tend not to stick in one place. The tool is often considered an all in one SEO tool because it has a selection of very powerful sub tools that help create effective SEO programs.

When signed up on SemRush Pro, you get keyword ranking and keyword suggestions. Through SemRush, you can track almost 500 keywords in a total number of 5 campaigns. When a keyword is entered in the tool, you get its volume and position on search engines which will help you decide how well a particular keyword will perform on your blog or website. The tool also gives you a phrase match report that lists down related keywords matching your primary keyword. These sub keywords can also help you drive traffic to your website.

SemRush also offers a backling analysis tool. This tool analyzes the quality of the backlinks present in a page and allows you to see the anchor text of that backlink. You can also see the referring domains and then track the backlinks that are most effectively driving the traffic back to a particular page.

The best thing about SemRush is its competitor analysis tool. Through this addon, you can effective see the organic traffic strategies your competitors are using. The tool lists down the keywords they are using and the rank of their keywords. This is an excellent way to analyze the content on any website. Through competitor analysis, you can easily pick up the strategies they are using and turn them into your own favor.

Most people agree that this guy below (here’s his FB page and here’s his Twitter) gives the best explanation of what SemRush is.

Detailed reports are given to you regarding any date you put in the tool. From there on, you can find the basics of any SEO program and turn your focus towards a campaign that you believe will work for your website.

SemRush offers very attractive packages to website or business owners. If you are a SEO business, then SemRush is definitely one of the best tools that should be present in your tool kit.

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